Jay's Complete Nutrition Guide

Proven ways to transform your nutrition

If you're looking to shred up for the summer or vacation this book provides a step by step guide to achieving your goals. Including an in depth strategy to getting both your nutrition and training on track. There are 5 diet templates provided in the book along with a 4 week workout training plan
Jay Azeltine
Nutrition Coach

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Highlights of the book

10 Chapters

You will receive my many years of trial and error knowledge for effective nutrition planning.

Diet Templates

Each copy contains 5 diet templates to stay on track of your nutrition to finally hit your goals of being shredded.

Training Program

I have teamed up with Elite Powerlifter, Zach Homol, to provide a proven 4 week workout program to become stronger.


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Learn how you can enjoy food and be lean

Your diet no longer has to be a struggle. It’s time to stop beating yourself down and eating foods constantly that you know you are not enjoying. My Complete Nutrition Guide is here to solve your nutrition problems because I have been in your shoes before. Get your copy of the e-book today and start enjoying nutrition!


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